The Iphone 3G

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Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about the Iphone 3G .The Iphone is a newest touch screen phone.Click hear to find out more Iphone 3G.


My school concert

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Hello everyone ! Today i will talk about my school concert. Click on this link to find out more my-recent-school-concert.


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I something to share with you about netiquette. Click on the links provided to know the rules of netiquette.netiquette



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Hello readers !

Today I am going to talk about Botanical Gardens.Botanical garden display plants from around the world. Here is a picture of a botanical garden.

To find out more about botanical garden click on this is link Puterajaya.


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Hi readers ,today i am talking about smilies. Smilies are used to express your feelings when using the smileysadult smileys


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Blue whale

Welcome to this post. I would like to share some interesting features about this mammal.



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A solar eclipse happens when the moon blocks the sun.A solar eclipse is beautiful.One thing, don’t stare at the sun.Solar Eclipse